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Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Boat People

The Boat People is an Indie pop band from Australia. It was formed in 2000. The band was playing even today. The current members of the band are James O’Brien (vocals and bass), Robin Waters (vocals and keyboard), Charles Dugan (vocals and guitar) and Tony Garret (drums). They used the instruments such as keyboard, and tambourine mixed with two part harmonies, ironic lyrics and pop inspired melodies.

Crowded House, Jeff Buckley and The Beatles are their main musical success. They previously played in a band called four on the Floor as friends in high school. They played in many including St. Ursula’s College. They signed with MGM Records and recorded many EPs. Tours to Australia, the East Coast, saw the band hold up acts such as The Shins, David Byrne, Dogs Die in Hot Cars, and Idlewild. In August 2005, they released their first album titled “yesyesyesyesyes” on Shock records. The band will popular the studio in June to begin recording on yesyesyesyesyes”.The producer was J.Walker of “Machine Translations” on Board. The band have been in precast over recent weeks at Wavelength Studios in Brisbane. 20 tracks will be reduced into the album. In April last, the band released the first single from “Chandeliers” by the name of “Awkward Orchid Orchard”. It was co-worked by a video created by paul

Underwood who has worked on previous videos from the band. 52 bands are found amongst the display used to illustrate suggestions by the viewers, in the video. In July, 2008 their second album “Chandeliers” was released. The singles of the band were, in 2002 “Supernova”, in 2002 “From The Corner”, in 2003 “Arms Length”, in 2004 “Tell Someone Who Cares”, in 2005 “Clean” and “Unsettle My Heart” , in 2005 “Irony” and “Awkward Orchard Orchid” released. The band was awarded as Belowground Music Video Awards for the single “Tell Someone Who Cares”, Q Song Awards and The Courier- Mail Peoples Choice Award for "Unsettle My Heart" ,Q Song Awards, The Song of the Year for "Unsettle My Heart".

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