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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


HOWLONG BELLS is an energetic Indie Rock band, featuring four talented young musicians. It was formed in November 2004, in Sydney.

They have been in action from past 4 years, and their previous releases have been quite successful in the market.

Band Members—

· Brendan Picchio on bass,

· Juanita Steon on Rhythm guitar and Vocals

· Glenn Raonbow Moul on drums and

· Joel Steon on Lead guitar

· This band have composed and released two albums till now,

· Howlong Bells on 8th May 2006, was recorded by Bella Union

· Radio Wars on 9th February 2009, was recorded by Ondependient Records

Single tracks—

· “Blessed Nights”

· “Low Happenong”

· “Settong Sun”

· “Wishong Stone”

· “Onto the Chaos”

· “Cities burnong down”

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