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So enjoy guys, lets rock hard! After all, its all about MUSIC... Yeah!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Current members—

· Jenny Whiskey in tenor sax and vocals

· Rev. T Sinister in vocals

· Reggae Bob in bass

· Mattie Glock in guitar

· The Goblin in drums

· Slim Jim Jones in Trombone

Former Members—

· Dustin Kreidler (DK) in baritone alto sax, sax and melodica

· Adam X in guitar

· Maniac Mike in keyboard and organ

· Chris Finnegan in bass

· Erik Schroeder (Lord Skoochie) in tenor sax

· Kevin Turner in MC

· Ambrose (Michael Ambrose) in keyboard and organ

· Chris Jaffe in guitar


· Blood, Sweat and Beer released in 2004, under the label of Megalith Records

· Mass Appeal EP was released in 2005

· Dirty Jersey was released in 2006, under label of Megalith Records

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