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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Hirokazu is a Japanese band headed by Tanaka. Tanaka entered into a college for engineering in the electronics branch, but was interested more to know about electronics musical instruments. Professors also helped him in this field and he has got degree as a sound engineer in 1980.

The video game company Nintendo hired him as soon as he completed his graduation; it was a secured position for him in this field. But on the other side the current company of Tanaka was competing for the finals of music competition.

It was a great demand of time for Tanaka to choose any one of both, either band or Nintendo. Tanaka left the band.

The Nintendo work was great; he had got the Arcade machine. He started working on sound mixing and effects.

The job was to compose sound in the phase of program and recode it into binaries and install them into the actual sound machine called Arcade machine.

Later, Tanaka incorporated the Hirokazu band, and the group gained widespread popularity over time, and so did Tanaka as a solo musician!

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