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Thursday, February 26, 2009


Another member of the Hiroshima band is Danny Yamamoto, who graduated from Dorsey High School, Los Angeles. Danny has had a deep love relation with music.

He started his music career with Accordian, Danny played the instruments virtually in a band and refracted his eclectic taste in music and art. He found Drums as the key and a tool to express the self-expression. He played the battle of the band in his high school but got second place. It was just the rising of a star musician. He made a group with a Jazz trio including most popular musician-producer and bassist Larry Klein, famous pianist and downbeat award-winning Jazz keyboardist Billy Childs and himself.

After a luminous start, he settled in music major field at UCLA, but involved more and more with Hiroshima gradually. Later he became principle member of Hiroshima and left the school to give fulltime to world of music. Danny kept his interest toward traditional Japanese music while giving his total time to other bands.

Other then just a drummer, he is learning and playing other instruments like taiko in his music workshop, and also in concert in Hiroshima. He also plays synthesizers with his friends and June Kuramoto. He studed drum from his drum teacher Freddy Gruber and expanding the collection of ethnic instruments.

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