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Thursday, February 26, 2009


Another member of the American Jazz Fusion band Hiroshima is Kimo Cornwell, who was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. Kimo is a genius and amiable keyboard player from Hawaii, who can speak Chinese as well as English. Kimo was born in Honolulu and brought up in Kalihi. He graduated from a Farrington High School. Kimo had great talent and sooner he became famous as the best keyboard player of Hawaii Island. This was all his efforts and blessing of music with love.

He played a large number of music and recorded many of them with the topmost groups in Hawaii. Later Kimo moved to Los Angeles with his wife Debbie. There he has got the first offer with the band ‘mainland’ music scene. Talent never hides and touring groups immediately discovered the talent of Kimo and here he got a chance to make a hit.

He introduced his talent to the world with a hit of Cheryl Lynn (‘To Be Real”), after that with the great artistic friends including Ronnie Laws, Al Jaeerau, Maze and Frankie Beverly, they started a unique LA band Hiroshima. It was some attraction only that they all were united with each other by Hiroshima, followed by Maze, Jarreau, Hiroshima, Maze and you will get a unique picture. It was like his head has given a way to his heart and shown the way to divine source of music.

In an artistic way, it can be said that it was like he has become pocketbook of bits and master of ministry of full time music with the band. Being in the important place of keyboardist, arranger, sound composer and producer he became the heart of Hiroshima; and truly the soul of music.

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