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Thursday, February 26, 2009


The founder and manager of the world class music band Hiroshima, June Kuramoto was born in Saitama-ken (Japan), in a place situated outside Tokyo. She grew up and at very young age she was brought to Los Angeles, Crenshaw district. She was very passionate about music and musical instruments and used to play and sing more often. She had an idea to build a group and compose her talent and serve to public.

She worked on it and optimized American music and art culture and mixed with Asian tone that generated a new taste of music. She returned to Japan in her childhood and learned ancient Japanese instrument-- The Koto. Madame Kazue Kudo, a renowned Koto master with the famous kotoist and music composer Michio Miyagi, took the responsibility to teach Koto to June and relocated to United State, and started teaching Koto to June in her family home. With the help of her Grandmother, the 6 yrs old June found the divine connection between life and music. It was the magical effect of Koto and Japanese music.

June kept on improving her talent about classical Japanese instruments and received almost all degrees in classical musical instruments from the Miyagi School of Koto in Japan. Alongside with all these degree travel she also performed solo and some of with the greatest musicians from the classical Japanese music world to the Pt. Ravi Shankar. But as an American artist, June wanted to integrate the western music in to her life. She wanted to make American culture and music as her life that she loves the most.

Later on, June met with a real artist named Dan, an eccentric artist and they started a new mixture of Koto music with diverse musical environment of Los Angeles. The birth of the band Hiroshima happened at this point of time. Later on, June became the leading artist of Hiroshima and created the mixed multi-culture music with her group. She is one of the great Kotoists in this modern music world.

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